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Singing Actors

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Singing Actors

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Okay, so I was listening to some music and I found this one song about Humphrey Bogart and just thought it was so funny. It's called Humphrey Bogart and Susannah Mars sings it. Here you can listen to a sample of it:

So any songs you know of that mention actors? Or any songs that have actors singing that don't normally sing? I heard Bogart singing The Bold Fisherman  w/ Crosby and Bacall.
  • Oh gosh, that "Humphrey Bogart" song IS funny. XD

    I've heard Bogie sing too... He needs to leave the singing to der Bingle. ;)

    Well, I guess the obvious example of a song that mentions actors is Madonna's "Vogue"... How about Judy Garland singing a tribute to Clark Gable in Broadway Melody of 1938... There's "Never Gonna Dance" from the Astaire/Rogers movie Swing Time: "And to Groucho Marx I give my cravat / To Harpo goes my shiny silk hat."

    Actors singing who normally don't (and probably shouldn't, lol)... Jimmy Stewart introducing the Cole Porter song "Easy to Love" in Born to Dance... Bette Davis singing "They're Either Too Young or Too Old" in Thank Your Lucky Stars... Errol Flynn singing in the same movie.
  • OK, actors that shouldn't sing *ever*... MARLON BRANDO.

    The only song I can think of is Puttin' On The Ritz, when Astaire says 'Trying hard to look like Gary Cooper." I remember hearing the retro version of that song (anyone know who did the modern version that hit the radios an insanely long time ago?) and always wondering who that guy was :x
    • Reference Guys and Dolls? Never seen it, because I've managed to convince myself that I won't like it... But, but, Sinatra... I really need to watch it some time.

      Speaking of "Puttin' on the Ritz," there's Mr. Gable performing it in Idiot's Delight.

      I think I first wondered who Gary Cooper was from the "Puttin' on the Ritz" number in Young Frankenstein... I looked up the version you mentioned... Taco? 1982? Now that I hear it, yeah, I know that version.


      ^There it is on YouTube. Yeah, sorry, a video, heh.

      It's kind of terrifying, but somehow it works... Although it rather makes me want to listen to Fred or Ella or Judy sing it... Even Gable... Anyone else. XD
      • Not one of Sinatra's best, IMO. But yeah, you should check out Guys and Dolls just once. I wouldn't recommend repeat viewings ;) Brando is, well... frightening. From what I do remember of the film, Frank plays a supporting role to Brando. Eck. But... Somewhere down deep, deep in my soul I fear I actually enjoyed viewing the movie. Maybe because I secretly enjoy watching Brando, or perhaps it is more like a car wreck - You just have to look.

        1982 sounds about right. I have not heard the song for ages... But for the year, if that is a music video than I'm sure it is very scary. I actually always loved the song, especially the version from the 80's.

        I think it woul be very interesting to hear Gable sing, I've never heard him do anything like that.
        • I'm not much of a Brando fan... And Guys and Dolls is a whole two and a half hours long... Lol, I'm hopeless, I'm squeamish about watching anything over like two hours... With deciding to record it and then sitting down to watch it, anyway. Once I'm actually watching it, if it's interesting enough, I don't care how long it is. Anyway, yeah, don't mind me, I'm just insane like that. XD

          Gable singing and dancing is extremely amusing.


          ^There's your thirty-second sample, if you're interested. Disc 1, number 16.
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