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I have found a petition on IMDB to stop the remake of the Alfred…

Young Film Lovers

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I have found a petition on IMDB to stop the remake of the Alfred Hitchcock movie, The Birds. Click here for the site.

I also wanted to ask what are your thoughts on remakes?
  • Remakes? I don't know... Most I just really don't like, but I feel if they keep most of the integrity of the original, it could be a good thing. Nothing could be as good as the original, of course.

    Sometimes I fear the remaking of a classic movie, because they may make it something distasteful. In fact, they probably will. But I do believe it can highten the interest in classic movies, that's a big positive! If we can get people to at least be curious about the original, then perhaps they will give it a chance. Then you always have them comparing the remake to the original, which is irritating.

    I remember when they remade one of my favorite childhood films, Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. While I'm sure many found this film entertaining, I felt it totally lost the feeling of inspiration the original had. Then you always have people comparing the special effects... Oh, dear.

    So while I certainly don't prefer them, since a remake was what got me interested in classic film - I can't totally deny their possibilities.
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