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My local library is going to have an I Love Lucy day near Lucille…

Young Film Lovers

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My local library is going to have an I Love Lucy day near Lucille Ball's birthday and have an I Love Lucy marathon. I'm very excited about it!

This is the first time something local (that I've known about) is doing something classic. Is there a place in your town/city that does something special with classic movies or stars? Like my library is doing?
  • Hey, that's so cool! My town is like so small they don't have anything like that... In fact, when I go to the library they look at me like I'm nuts when I rent anything classic.

    So what are they going to do? Will they show the episodes at the library itself?

    • I believe they're going to show episodes of I Love Lucy. I've seen a screen they use for meetings and to show kids movies. =)

      I know what you mean about living in a small town. Most of the librarians I used to know always looked at me like I was crazy with the classic movies I would check out too. =)
  • Very neat. :)

    No, as far as I know nothing classics-related happens around here. I do wish I lived near a theater that showed old movies... If they played them often enough, I'd probably have to move in. XD I live in a city of approximately 40,000 people.
    • lol I'd move into a theater to if they did that. Besides this and Dirty Dancing being in a theater for one night, this is as close as something my city doing something 'classic-like'. =)

    • I've always wanted to see a classic on the big screen... Ah, but I have heard nightmares about watching classics in public, with people that may not take them as seriously as we do. Some people just don't understand them, and come in just out of curiosity. I can't stand hearing people make fun of something that I take sooo seriously!

      Perhaps a film festival would be something I have always wanted to check out, with fans that care alot about the films that would be shown. That would be awesome.
      • I think I should make that one of my goals in life... Seeing a classic on the big screen, lol. Yes though, people making fun of the movie or otherwise disrespecting it would seriously tick me off.

        I'm sure they do stuff like this in Milwaukee or Madison... But driving two hours to see something that I can watch without leaving the house doesn't seem worth it. Even if there IS a huge difference between watching a movie by myself on my little TV and seeing a film with an audience in a theater.
  • (Anonymous)
    Oh I love watching Luccille Ball in I Love Lucy. I actually haven't seen that many episodes because I just recently started watching it, but love it! One of the first episodes I saw was Lucy fakes Illness. (something like that)

    As far as my town doing anything classic...I don't know of anything. The closest would be a 99 cent theater that shows movies that have been out a while.

    But at my school, the history club will have a movie night once a year(maybe twice?). One time they showed Casablanca, but I wasn't attending the school that year. Was still in middle school. This past year they showed Master and Commander, a movie with Russel Crowe. Maybe there's a chance of starting up a club at school that goes into the classics and also explores the time period they were made in or the people associated with the making of them. That would definitely suite me!
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