I just finished this artwork of *Fred Astaire* and I thought I would share it. Of course comments and critiqueing are always welcome!

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And if anyone has any artwork they would like to share, please feel free.

Favorite films

Here I am at long last ! 
  To get the ball rolling, I was wondering what film is your all-time favourite. Mine is "The Vernon and Irene Castle Story" starring (yes, ofcourse): Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. I took to it the very first time I saw it on DVD. I played the last dance in the ballroom so many times that I can visualize every move.

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New Community

Obviously, this is  pretty drab place to be right now, hopefully we can get some young folks to join soon. I'm not too good at making the place look half way decent (help?) but if you want to know about the community and why I created it, just read the info page. 

I'm a young person myself, only 20, and I love classic movies. It can be pretty difficult loving these old movies when no one you know even remotely understands your affection. So alot of us turn to the net and discover those like us... They ARE out there! It's a relief to speak with young people because they have so muh energy and passion for the things they love. When that just happens to be film, it's a wonderful thing.

I've actually converted older folks to classic film, while I discovered classics on my own. Most of the folks in my family thought me quite strange at first, but now they watch them too so it is all good. Perhaps we could start off the conversation with how you came to discover classics as a young person?

And I'll try to edit the page and make it look better, lol.